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Nimboo Baby comes from our dream of starting a family business. Meg grew up watching her parents, aunts, uncles and extended family build their business into a thriving success. We were both inspired by their hard work and what it allowed them to give back to their community.

For years, we talked about starting our own business, but struggled to find the right fit. We knew we wanted to do something for children. Meg had spent years as a substitute teacher and childcare worker. I had a strong interest in e-Commerce, after several years of writing content for other people's sites as a side gig.

We were inspired by our own experience as expectant parents shopping for our baby. We did most of our shopping in other, larger cities because we couldn't find  many of the brands that we loved locally.

We know that an online store doesn't doesn't fully address this challenge, but its a start. We hope to bridge the gap more by offering local pick-up and participating in trade-shows and local pop-up opportunities.

We are starting off with apparel and accessories to get things going. Down the road we'd like to carry larger essentials like cribs and car seats to offer more options in our region.

We are hoping to build a community of parents and have it grow with us. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to reach out to us about what products or resources you'd like to see (

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